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Responding to child or adolescent to parent abuse.​

Supporting parents, grandparents, carers, young people and professionals

YOU ARE NOT ALONE  We offer a free phone call Contact us on info@capauk.org 

and fill in Your Information Sheet 

Free Resources and Need Help Now?

Coping with C-19 


Capa is aware how challenging being in isolation is for families. 


We want to support you so we’ve set up the email address...



where you can email us and let us know: 

  1. What’s going on for you in isolation? 

  2. What have you tried and what’s working to keep you and your family safe?

  3. Give us anonymous messages of support that we can send out to other families in similar situations to you.

  4. Ask us any questions you may have we’ll try to answer and find support for you.


Don’t worry if you only answer Number 1. What’s going on for you in isolation? 


We will use all your answers anonymously to generate online targeted support for your Capa community.


Once you’ve contacted us we’ll put you on our mailing list so that we can let you know when new support is available. 

The Coronavirus is having an impact on Capa ability to respond to emails as quickly as usual.

The services we offer may be disrupted as a result.

Please keep checking back here regularly as Capa has online resources in production that will be available soon for parents who are struggling with their child's behavior.

"Being able to speak to someone who understands the issues, who is not judgmental, who listens respectfully and asks the questions that matter – this is what families say they want most, and Capa, are hoping to provide"

Helen Bonnick - Holes in the wall.

You are not alone

Contact us: 

info@capauk.org or


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