Helen Bonnick Holes in the wall

When I am asked how I became involved in work in this field, I recall my first experience of listening to a mother whose son attacked her regularly. There are some things that never leave you, and it has become my life’s work (a bit dramatic sounding I realise but it really feels like that!) to raise awareness of the issue of children’s violence and abuse towards their parents; to get people talking about it; to generate understanding of the kinds of services that help; and to promote the services that exist. For the last 8 years, I have run a resource hub for all those interested in child to parent violence and abuse (CPV), and have at last had published the book I set out to write so long ago. 


When help is in short supply for anything, it can be devastating if the only service available does not meet your individual need. As more and more help develops around the country, it becomes easier for families to find the compassionate, respectful response they seek, but there are still too many areas where there is little understanding, or where circumstances make it impossible to access. 


As we talk about CPV more openly we hope that people will find help earlier on, with intervention before patterns become entrenched or before crisis point is reached. Each family’s situation will be different. Providing a response unique to that family recognises the individuality of our lives.



Child to Parent Violence and Abuse: A practitioners guide to working with families. 


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