Do you tread on eggshells around your child?

​Do you change how you parent for fear of what may happen?

Do you feel your child has control over what happens in the home?

Are you in fear of  how your child may respond to clear request?


​Many parents  don't know who to talk to or where to get support.  There is a lot of stigma and shame around their child's behavior .


Parents are unsure if what is happening  is 'normal' teenage behaviour  or a passing phase.  

If your child is using  behaviour  including:

  • Damaging property         

  • Swearing at you or hitting you

  • Belittling you or putting you down

  • Threatening to harm you, themselves or someone else in the home.

  • Intimidating you        

  • Calling you names        

  • Pushing you         

  • Shoving you

  • Making unreasonable demands.

  • Refusing to talk or listen. 


This is abusive behaviour and is not okay.


 When a child uses violence and abuse it is generally because they are in fear, feeling out of control and are unable to communicate with you. There can be an unmet need that your child is unable to express ,this can be because they do not recognise this themselves. Using this behaviour is your child saying ' Help'.

In order to address this, the violent and abusive behaviour needs to stop. Capa works with families to change their communication techniques, expectations and gives strategies to help reduce or cease this unwanted behaviour. 

This is a joint responsibility between a parent and a child. By changing how we communicate we can start to rebuild trust, enabling a healthier more positive relationship.

Child to parent abuse IS NOT a parenting failure.


We offer up to 3 FREE 20 minute support sessions EVERY FRIDAY 2.00-4.30 pm.

To book a slot email:

This will help look at your individual situation, discuss strategies or  signpost you to further support.


It’s really hard to imagine using the word abuse  when it comes to our children. However it is estimated up to 3% of families in the UK have a child who is considered to be abusive towards their parent or carer -  1/10 globally.


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