Zoom Webinar with Jane Griffiths Founder of Capa First Response CIC

Do you tread on Eggshells?

Do you change how you parent for fear of what may happen if you don't?

Does your child damage property, scare you or siblings in the house?

Child or Adolescent to Parent abuse impacts up 3% of UK families.

70% of families impacted by child to parent abuse have seen a rise during Covid- 19


We invite you to come along to our webinar covering:

❖ What is Child or Adolescent to Parent Abuse (capa)

❖ How do I know if my child's behavior is abusive?

❖ The impact of Covid -19 and relationships with our children.

❖ Strategies to help de escalate /cease or stop abusive behaviour.

Many parents or carers feel ashamed, embarrassed and stigmatised by
what is happening in the home. Often feeling at the end of the road and

unsure of what to do or who to talk to.

Not liking your child and just wanting to give up are very normal feelings
when you are experiencing a relationship breakdown with your child.

This course will help you understand what may be happening and ideas

for making changes. 

You can book your place on a 3 hour webinar or two 1.5 hour slots

SEPTEMBER DATES PENDING CONTACT us for more information and to book your place

There is a maximum of 10 participants for this webinar.

With a steady pace this is an
accessible training for all parents or carers who would like to understand what is

happening in their relationship with their child.

Cost £30 per family. 

To book a place please email: