BBC NEWS  - Child to Parent Abuse is 'on the rise' - Click to watch

Charities are warning that a growing number of families are experiencing "child-to-parent violence".

Break4Change has supported around 600 families over the past decade.



Community Care Podcast: Child to Parent  Abuse - Click to listen

This episode of Learn on the go discusses factors involved in child and adolescent to parent abuse and how social workers can support families

by Joanna Silman on November 7, 2019 in Inform Children

BBC Radio 4 Bringing Up Britain Click to listen

Series 11 Dealing with Aggression


BBC Sounds - Raising awareness around Child to Parent Abuse and Domestic Abuse. 

"With a 25% increase of calls to domestic abuse helplines during lockdown this episode  is about raising awareness and providing advice to those who may be effected".   Click to listen




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