Are you a professional working with families who:

  •  Struggle with a child who is in their care?

  • ​Methods of discipline – sanctions, groundings, timeouts only lead to greater difficulties?

  • Change how they parent in order to keep the peace?

  • The relationship between the child and the parent has broken down?

  • Siblings are impacted due to the  behaviour? 


Working with families who are experiencing child or adolescent to parent abuse can be very complex and hard to manage. Patterns of behaviours that are ingrained, managing teenager’s expectations, feelings of entitlement and identifying child to parent abuse is not always clear. 



Capa supports professionals via supervisions, training and webinars to support the work you are doing.

Families have told us they feel:




Told the issue with their child is a parenting issue 

Feel a failure as a parent or carer.

Talking to families about the joint responsibility that is required when working with child to parent abuse, and looking at communication strategies with families can be the first step towards change. 

Capa First Response CIC  has over 15 years’ experience working with families impacted by violence and abuse in the home. We work directly with individuals, teams and organisations looking at ways to support you to work effectively with families.

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