1-2-1 supervision:


If you are working with a family impacted by child or adolescent to parent abuse - it can be difficult to know what support is useful or helpful to the family.  To have the space and time to discuss families and receive strategies can often make a huge difference to the outcomes, helping to increase your knowledge and skills as a front line worker or manager supporting teams.


Whether you manage a team of practitioners or work freelance, having some space to reflect with an expert in the field and think about your work with families can make a real difference. The value of supervision is often overlooked or not supported.


We offer strategies for supporting your team or individual strategies to work with families safely and effectively.  We provide access to resources and valuable 1-2-1 consultation around all aspects of your work. 


Costs: £75 per hour


Group Supervisions:


Offering a reflective space for groups of up to six to discuss the impact of their work and how to develop further work with families. This supervision is suitable for multi-agency teams working with families to deliver measurable outcomes, or teams from one organisation needing space to discuss families they are working with.


These sessions are facilitated by a specialist Capa worker and enables those working directly with families the ability to look deeper at the family make up, unconscious bias and barriers to implementing changes. 

£150 per 2 hour session. 

For more information or to discuss your need further please email us:

"Jane has offered us her expertise on child to parent violence and supervision for a complex case.

Jane has always presented as professional, honest, courteous, informative and ethical in her approach to interventions and supervision.

Her understanding of families' struggles and suffering together with her ability to explore the challenges a professional might be facing allow her to promote an empathic and compassionate response while retaining the ability to remain focused on the priorities and risks.

Her good sense of humour is also certainly an asset in a field where as professionals we are faced with difficult cases and at times alarming experiences".

'GP Milestones matters'

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