If you are a young person and would like support or know someone who does we offer: 

  • Confidential texting service

  • Web chats

  • Walk and talks

  • Telephone calls

  • Advice

  • Support

  • Signposting

Its not easy to understand why your relationship with your parent or the adult you live with is hard, it may just seem like you have always argued and disagreed. 

Often it feels as if our parents or carers don't understand and treat us unfairly, not listening to what we are  saying.

Capa aims to help re balance the relationship, look at stopping unwanted and unhelpful behaviour and getting families talking again.

"Lock down has highlighted how difficult my relationship with my child has become. We cant be in the same room as each other let alone talk without shouting" parent


"I think we both have some differences which we both see to be an effective way to frustrate the other person".  12 yr old

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